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Bespoke Interactive Training & CPD
Specialist interactive training for educational settings, individuals and organisations
EMDR therapy for adults and children affected by trauma
Online Interactive Training
Specialist remote interactive training
Interactive Training
At the moment, all our training is offerred online.

We provide interactive training as we know that active participants who are fully involved will benefit most from our training events. Our training takes account of what we know about how adults learn, including elements from instrumental learning theories such as learning knowledge and applying these to practice (case scenarios), transformative learning which includes reflection (knowing what we don’t know) and social learning which involves group work and learning from each other. Opportunities for reflection and feedback are also provided. All training events aim to achieve an increase in the confidence of staff to apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired.

Topics include bereavement, trauma, self-harm and suicide prevention, mental health & emotional well-being and peer group supervision.

Interactive Online Learning and Bespoke CPD

Interactive Training
Training and CPD is aimed at staff from a wide range of educational settings such as schools, academies, independent schools and other educational organisations such as a specialist provision for students with additional needs. We can adapt all our training to your individual needs.
Bespoke CPD and Training
Our training for childcare settings is designed to be of benefit to children’s homes, foster carers and other organisations working with children and young people. It can be designed to your specific needs.
EMDR Trauma Therapy
Whilst it is normal to experience acute stress reactions following traumatic events, some people will go on to experience symptoms for some time. With therapeutic intervention such as EMDR, these experiences can be processed and most people will then be able to get back to normal, especially when traumatic events were one off events.

Please find more information on traumatic events and EMDR here.
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